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Custom Bridal Gowns

Make your dream gown a reality by custom tailoring it to your needs. 

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Design Process


The first step with considering a unique custom gown is to book a design consultation! When booking your design consultation you are starting your design package. A classic design package includes 3-4 front and back sketches of what your dream gown looks like, a variety of fabric swatches to decide between. At this appointment in the design studio we can chat about everything your dream gown needs while sipping on champagne and enjoying chocolate! To start the design package you can book your appointment two weeks in advance. Make sure to email all inspiration images and exciting ideas to have a perfectly prepared design package ready for you!

Time Frame

The most ideal time frame for your custom gown starts about 12-7 months prior to the wedding! The best thing about having a local couture gown is not waiting for a gown manufactured overseas to ship in time to start your alterations. From the ground up, your custom dress is made for you! The custom gown typically takes about 4 fittings total before it's ready for the big day!

Price Point

Price point for custom gowns (surprisingly) works more in your favor than mass manufactured gowns. The price of a full custom gown includes what would be your “separate alterations” cost in any other bridal shop.


In a traditional bridal boutique, the average gown will run from about $1,300 - $3,000, plus an extra $150 - $200 to ship it into the country. Next, you start your alterations process which will range anywhere from $750 - $1,000. That $2,500 dress just turned into $3,700!


Custom gowns made in the Amesbury, MA studio start at $3,000. The total gown cost includes everything. Your custom designed dress, every fitting, every alteration is a part of your dress cost from the beginning. Initial gown cost is determined at design consultation.

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