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What started out as a simple way to use my drawing skills to make money in college, became a passion for all things bridal gowns. While creating custom wedding dress illustrations for brides, I noticed how special customized art was to people, especially when it revolved around a day about love. It becomes such a happy and sentimental experience, it's hard to not become obsessed.

After graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fashion Design, it was hard to ignore that I wanted to be totally immersed in the dreamy laces, beads, and silhouettes in bridal design. As a designer, I create my own collections that are ready to order. I also offer custom couture gowns to the brides who want something special that can not be found anywhere else. The goal is have each bride feel great about themselves while wearing the gown of their dreams.
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Image by Nareeta Martin
Image by Nareeta Martin
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