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Happy Brides

Testimonials from incredible brides (& of course the Mums!)

Holly was AMAZING!! I was not your typical bride and after looking in many bridal shops I was starting to feel defeated. I decided to seek someone to help create my wedding dress. . In general I don’t always feel comfortable in a dress and don’t know anything about fashions/ clothing. I would have much rather walked down the aisle in some Lulu shorts and shirt. Holly put all my anxieties and concerns to ease from our very first meeting. She worked incredibly hard with me to create a design of my dress based off of different pictures I showed her. The hardest challenge that Holly and I faced was finding just the right color. I wanted to wear a yellow dress instead of the typical white wedding gown. Holly was so patient and worked with me to help me find just the shade. She went to several different fabric stores and sent away for a variety of different dyed fabrics.
In addition to the time she spent looking for the perfect yellow she also spent a great deal of time taking the dress from sketches to the dress that I had envisioned. She paid attention to every little detail throughout the entire process. She knew my concerns when it came to being comfortable and being able to move and run around wearing the dress and made sure the dress accommodated all my movements and activities. She even added hidden pockets to the dress which were so wonderful.
Her studio is adorable and it was always so fun to go meet Holly for a fitting. It was exciting to see the dress transformed more and more after each fitting. She took lots of time to talk through different changes and never made me feel rushed or bad for different adjustments that I requested. I would recommend Holly to help create any type of custom gown, especially a wedding gown. I received so many compliments at my wedding as well as the weeks that have followed when I show people my wedding photos. I envisioned a non typical wedding dress and Holly made it come true and executed it perfectly!

- Hannah Berg

Custom Bridal Gown

I was referred to Holly by a friend who raved about her work! Her daughter was getting married & wanted to wear the wedding gown that she was wed in. Holly worked with the bride to be & helped her take the mid 80s gown into exactly what she was looking for. After
attending the wedding & seeing the quality of her work, I reached out for her services.

I had fallen in love with, & purchased, a jumper for my son’s upcoming rehearsal dinner, that needed a lot of “love.” The layered pant legs were about 6 inches too long & it was almost a full size too big from hips to chest. Holly assured me that she could transform the outfit into something that would work with my more petite frame….& she did! I couldn’t stop smiling at my final fitting today.

But it wasn’t just the outcome - it was the whole experience. Holly was personable & professional throughout. Her space was easy to find & beautiful. The hours were super convenient, parking was hassle free & the turnaround time faster than I anticipated. Holly’s a rockstar!

- Vicky Sherwood


Absolutely love it! Perfect and elegant. The details are amazing!

-Sierra Campo

Custom Dress Illustration

Holly was absolutely fantastic. I could not be more pleased with how she tailored my mother-of-groom dress. It's perfect! She went above and beyond checking for where beads needed to be replaced... I would never have noticed but she's very attentive to all details. Really cute studio in Amesbury too. highly recommend!

-Jen Houlihan


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